Sales training for companies


Do you know how much does it cost, if one of your employees would like to quit?

Do you know how much does it cost, if you fire your underachieving employees?


If you are fed up with:

  • all replies begin with: „Yes, but…”
  • everybody shifts away the responsibilities
  • your team and partners keep always referring
    to the obviously difficult market situations
  • colleagues perform way below their potential
  • Than this is a training for you and your team!

1.  Firstly, it is well known that the attractive location of the training and the personality, methods, and experience of the trainers are all very important factors for a successful training.        

Our trainer achieved significant success with a lot of well known companies as a sales and commercial director. He has met and successfully managed all sorts of excuses and objections for both the employees and business partners. He has a lot of experience in sales and management and knows how to motivate colleagues and knows how to merge their personal goals with corporate goals.

He trained himself transaction-analytically, which can be used effectively in the workplace. In addition, he reached the acquired business coach diploma at Kürt Academy.

2.  Who should be offered for the SMART sales training?


We are offering sales or team building training to companies who are interested in the common aims of the employees and the company; after training the staff will be highly committed and will identify themselves with the long-term working methods.


3.  Come work with us:

  • we know the market and we put emphasis on
    education,but we act street smart
  • if you want highly motivated colleagues!
  • if you wish that your team members will be more
    efficientand more willing to do their job correctly!
  • if you dream that your team will put the emphasis
    on theexecution, not on conversations!

At our trainings, the most common question is:
"How ?How ? How?" and  “What’s the next step”?

The training is based on measurable results of our client, tangible outputs, and monthly follow up sessions!
Are you sure that your employees are motivated and engaged?
Make a personal meeting with the Smart Staff consultants!

Package includes the following free 3-hours long motivational Audit and Evaluation before the trainings containing these things:

  • assessment of the aims of the managers
  • assessment of the company and team member goals
  • short:2-3 pages evaluation after the survey
  • the analysis and conclusions of the evaluation
    including short-term action plan

Please call your Smart Staff consultant, who will help you to place your order!


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